Alicia Asín Pérez

Focused on the energetic consume in high performance processors

About me

NAME:Alicia Asín Pérez


CITY: Zaragoza


BACKGROUND: High studies, Continuing education and personal self-formation


POSITION: Libelium´s co-founder 


My Background and Career

Graduate in Computing engineering at Centro Politécnico Superior de Zaragoza, my dissertation analyzed the energetic consume in high performance processors. Due to my investigations, I was awarded the Best Paper Award on Computer Architecture Education (San Diego, California) in 2007.
Throughout my professional career, I have constantly trained to complete my technical profile with courses in institutions such as ESADE or Cambridge Judge Business School, both after obtaining their prestigious scholarships.
As CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Libelium’s co-founder in November 2006 (a company focused on technology development for smart cities), I am in charge of its strategic and operative management. I have been awarded by Aragón Executives Association (ADEA) in 2011. In 2012, I was awarded the Excellence Business Prize by ARAME business association; in 2014 I also won the National Young Business Entrepeneur Award, and in 2015 I have obtained the recognition “Talented Spanish” prize by Marca España within the program “Hechos de Talento”.
I combine my work in Libelium – which main research and development lines are design and production of hardware for the implementation of sensorial wireless networks, Mesh networks and communication protocols for all kinds of wireless networks – with the participation in scientific committees of international congresses besides giving lectures in Europe and USA in order to make known wireless sensors and Smart Cities´ technologies.


My Experience

At the beginning of Libellium I had problems to find financing when carrying out a capital increase to achieve a Neotec. Eventually, we managed to make the company’s project the only endorsement required and to have the certainty that we could obtain a stable salary to deal with loans’ payments without involving our families.

At a certain point of my professional career, I had to make a choice on a personal level. I liked engineering and I think I was good at it. At the beginning, I tried to be Libelium’s manager and to involve myself in its development, but it was impossible. So, I felt guilty some time for not being able to develop both tasks. In my opinion, a day came in which I simply assumed my superior validity in the management of the company; and that guilty prevented me to improve in this aspect. I still think it was an important sacrifice to stop involving myself in I+D development, even though it is worthwhile.

If I had to analyze my success factors: they would be my family and my husband, who have always supported me. I think their support is the most important thing, since emotional stability is a key factor to deal with moments of crisis in the company. The spirit of sacrifice I forged in my adolescence has also been another factor for my success. When I was a teenager, I used to compete in rowing at national level. I remember training every day, sacrificing my study trip to attend many pre-game meetings. I think of it as a funny and gratifying period of my life where I met my friends, who I still consider as my best friends. In my opinion, it engendered me a sacrifice capacity that has led me to have many results. Hence, I consider sport values something very positive for the development of young people’s personality.

For me, it’s very inspiring to contemplate New York’s skyscrapers. Most of them were built during the great depression; and this makes me think that, during difficult moments such as the current times we’re living in, there are always chances for those who work hard.


My Skills

Competencies: I have a great ability to learn new concepts as well as to apply new acquired knowledge to my work. In addition to this, I adapt easily to new possible changes. When working with other people, I also find it very easy to transmit and share information. If I had to make a list of what I consider relevant skills related to the entrepreneurial initiative, I would say my good activities’ planning and my great capacity for organization. I am able to make quick decisions solving problems and/or finding solutions. In my opinion, it is very important to set your own objectives in order to be capable of easily reaching established goals. But, I never hesitate to ask for advice whenever necessary.

Attributes: Personally I consider myself as an active, optimistic and talkative person. To be a pragmatic and a tidy person, but mainly, to be sure of oneself, has been something very useful in my business. I like to constantly innovate and I am open to new ideas. Apart from this, I am flexible as well as quite synthetic


Hints & Tips

My personal piece of advice for those who are planning to start a business or an enterprise is to assume the need to have patience. It’s very unlikely to make a fortune at the beginning, since these strokes of luck happen by chance.
Her lucky saying is:
“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them” by Bernard Shaw.

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