Dagmar Bojdunyk-Rack

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About me

NAME: Dagmar Bojdunyk-Rack

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Graz


BACKGROUND: University 


POSITION: Managing Director



My Background and Career

After graduating from high school I’ve started a vocational training in the area of teacher training for primary schools.
I worked for several years as a special education teacher and parallel started my studies in educational sciences at the University of Graz.
To give children and young people better conditions for physical and mental health has always been a motor in my life.
After graduating from university, my career path led into the area of adult education. My main field of functions was the support in recruiting processes as well as the support of people in their professional re-orientation.
In order to operate in different positions, the next logical step was to gain expertise in business management, human resource management and organizational development.
After these trainings and diverse professional experience, I decided to get active in the 3rd Sector, preferably in an institution whose target groups are children and adolescents.
A lucky fluke (if there even exists such a thing) has led me to RAINBOWS – they were looking for a Managing Director.
Since 16 years I am in this position and accompany and guide the growth of this association. During these years, the association has grown rapidly, the numbers of minors that can be reached are increasing continuously, we were able to expand our offers in a need-oriented way and many of the organizational structures had been changed. There were many ‘ups’ but also some failures on this way and the current social and political situation bears a lot of challenges.


My Experience

In my case, it is not one special opportunity, it has always been a combination of several factors that have influenced my professional life. The decisive factor was and still is, that I always had people around me who have supported me in my professional and personal growth, who stood by me during successful and difficult times. And certainly there were opportunities in my live which I recognized too late or not at all...

In my personal and private life I always get a great deal of support,, even though my family sometimes had to cope without my presence due to professional to commitments. The biggest challenges had been and still are situations where I have to make decisions that have a major impact on close people close (and that includes my employees too).


My Skills

Self-motivation, determination, perseverance, frustration tolerance, openness, communication- and conflict resolution skills, humour.


Hints & Tips

The important thing is to “burn” for your idea, to have fun and joy implementing it, to have your goal in mind, but also to allow yourself to make mistakes.




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