Angela Patrizia Fargione

An enterpreneur, owner of an Insurance Agency from Allianz

About me

NAME: Angela Patrizia Fargione


CITY: Rome




POSITION: Enterpreneur


My Background and Career

I was born on January 1th in 1958 in the country of the United Nations in the province of Brescia, Montichiari , are coming to Rome in 1968 with my parents, where I went to school and high school science, I attended The Sapienza University of Rome, mathematics course, but I did not graduate My Parents Are Separated in 1980. Towards the 20 years I am dedicated to the realization of documentaries.
I have dealt with both the script that the realization interviews with both Italian and foreign cities . Wonderful experience, training greatly .One of these documentaries "Youth and love" has given us beautiful emotions. Then in 1983 I am Posted in Activities of family insurance agency, I passed the inscription and in 1988 I became an agent for the German Allianz.



My Experience

I got married in 1983, she was born in 1989 my only son Luca, in 1990 I separated from my husband, in 1992 my father died, my partner in the business. Here began my real working life, I became aware of the difficulties and started to take risks on their own.
In addition to the management of my company, which in 2001 became a Srl expanding shareholder base, I was involved in roles as union representative agents Ras, one of two women in the governing bodies. Member of the then Central Committee of the SNA, our union. Sna trainer and manager of national training Ras in those years.
As a girl I wanted to teach mathematical logic in mountain communities, in life I found to organize networks of sale for insurance products, manage conflicts between colleagues and principals companies, disputes with clients harmed by wrongful acts of sellers, to make ends meet.
The hardest thing I did was to be a mother , and I had not yet learned . The experience transformed me was the death of my father who was counting on the development of my work.



My Skills

Organize, engage, deal with complex issues and manage critical situations, communication skills, perhaps too directive.
I developed consistency, work ethic, clearly, listening, determination and a lot of patience. Sometimes even a touch of irony that makes you smile in difficult times. But who says that I won the challenges, there are always new nothing is static or reached. Especially today where our market on an important area of sales slips car gives us a -15 % every year ...


Hints & Tips

Divide good working life with the family, can not be the war machine that need to be at work at home . It ' so difficult ... ..and has alone very often, but I hope not.


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