Diana Chiaraluce

She is building a successful career in one of the most important Italian bank.

About me

NAME: Diana Chiaraluce


CITY: Rome


BACKGROUND: Economica Degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Bank and Finance

POSITION: Human Resurces



My Background and Career

I work in  the Human Resources Department in one of the most important Italian bank. Since last year I am in charge of the co-ordination of the Human Resources activities of the Bank. I have a quite diversified background. I graduated in computer science in 2000. I started working for a consulting firm, specialized in Business Intelligence, and in 2004 I was hired in the Bank where still I am still working. I worked four years in one of the bank’s branch, where I had the opportunity to interact with the clients; then I was moved to the Human Resources Department, where I found my career path. After some years of on-the-job training I felt the need to further develop my professional skills with a master programme in human resource management, which actually framed my career.

My Experience


I must say that in my career I never seriously had any complaint about any discrimination about  me, tied to my gender. In my workplace there is equal pay between men and women occupying the same job (with the same qualifications and seniority). Though, female employees are 50 %, but women holding a positions of responsibility are less than 10%. For a woman it is harder to reach positions of power  and often we have to choose between career and family. Finding an equal balance between work and life is still the biggest challenge that women face everyday.


My Skills

Characteristics which  helped my career: a strong capability in focusing on organisation’s goals and results, no matter which is  my formal role; working with accuracy and rigour, which sometimes might cause difficulties, but in the lung run it repays all the efforts.


Hints & Tips

Advices to women willing to succeed in my same professional field: never give up your identity, do not try to behave like men ,  do not  hide your ambitions, do not be afraid to speak aloud about your goals as well as  your will to develop your career and to take active part in your organization.  Finally, never underestimate the impact of the human factor in  your organization, but rather  build good work relationships with your colleagues and your boss; remember  always to smile, also when dealing with difficult work situation


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