Cornelia Leban-Ibrakovic

"not toughness alone - the inner strenght is what leads to your goal"

About me

NAME: Cornelia Leban-Ibrakovic

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Graz


BACKGROUND: University 

ACTION/SECTOR: Culture & Sports

POSITION: Owner of the dance school



My Background and Career

After my graduation in 1998, I began to study medicine, at the University of Graz, which I dropped out of in 2003. Meanwhile (1998-2001) I was already in a dance teacher training in Vienna; I graduated with honors. Until 2004 I worked as a dance teacher at the prestigious dance school Kummer in Graz, afterwards I began to conduct dance classes autonomously. In 2007 I founded my dancing school “Conny & Dado”.
Furthermore I completed a Sales Management Academy in Vienna, during the period from 2008-2012.
Today I mainly manage the dance school, conduct national and international dancing lesson and also perform "etiquette seminars" for young people and managers in leadership positions (business codes).


My Experience

That I’ve got to know my husband back in 2004, with whom I have founded the present company.

High financial risk and virtually no capital budget at the beginning.
My family was not enthusiastic about me, dropping out of medical school.
Personally, I've always been convinced that one should do what one loves. That's why I followed my heart without thinking twice.
Of course, the company has grown and today it is quite large, therefore there are periodically difficult situations to manage



My Skills

Well-considered risk-taking, good people skills, a certain kind of satisfaction with myself to have the composure to stand well above it all.

Good conflict management and empathy.
Tactical and strategic skills.

In my job, of course, the physical abilities.
Social competence to deal with large groups and to spread a good mood.

Specialized knowledge and the celebration of USPs.


Hints & Tips

Conflict resolution skills, composure and a loving perspective are skills that you should definitely keep and train, even if today's economy often suggest that success can only be achieved with toughness.

I believe that it is your inner strength that leads not only to success but also to happiness




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