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agricul italyThe growth rate of the Agriculture&Livestock sector, according to a recent analysis by Coldiretti,
is the highest youth employment.
Sara and Giulia Livoni, 27 and 21 years old, raise cattle in Trivignano Udinese (Friuli Venezia Giulia).

"E arth and animals have been part of our lives always . Driven by the love for nature we both decided to continue the family business .
Currently we breed in our company about 160 animals" .

"For us it is important to continue the tradition , but also bring the company a bit of freshness and innovation.
We are part of a very important project of the Consorzio Agrario Friuli Venezia Giulia that deals with food chains 100 % from Friuli" .

"Be innovative , basically , in this area , it means offering quality products on the market certified,
the most authentic symbol of Italian excellence ".

Source: http://d.repubblica.it

Saturday, 20 February 2016 10:54

Women and Finance. Antonella Portalupi

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I earned a degree in Economics from Bocconi University of Milan, in 1987; since 1992 I am a business consultant and auditor. I’ve got a husband and two children.

I’m in charge to coordinate the Research Department at PwC Italy, an important consulting and auditing company, that is where I started my carrier in 1987. I have been director since 2000, but I couldn’t reach higher levels in the hierarchy of the company, since I chose to have a family and two children. After a first period as a consultant, I moved to the Research Department mainly because, as a consultant you’re totally devoted to customers, making business trip and staying away from home. That is quite impossible to a woman who chose to be a mother.
I successfully managed the launch of a new line of business in the editorial segment. After twenty years it is still a success and I have received many awards for this. So I am satisfied with my carrier, even if I could reach the highest positions within the company, if I had made a different choice. But the most important thing is that I achieved my goals.

Friday, 19 February 2016 16:04

Money and Chances

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talkshowModerator Tanja Jadnanansing talks about Money and Chances with the Dutch role models Janice Deul and Zarayda Groenhart in a talkshow organised by Women inc. Video Dutch spoken and subtitled in 8 languages.

NL: Het filmpje gaat over Geld en Kansen. Moderator Tanja Jadnanansing praat met de rolmodellen Janice Deul en Zarayda Groenhart. Ze leggen uit hoe ze, na leuke loondienstverbanden, voor zich zelf zijn begonnen. Ze geven tips en inzichten over omgaan met geld en kansen pakken. Het is een klein onderdeel uit een talkshow georganiseerd door Women inc.

Tatjana avšič mladinaA group of Slovenian scientists has become the first in the world to prove that a Zika virs infection during pregnancy causes brain damage to the fetus.

The research team was made up of ten female and four male researchers, headed by Tatjana Avšič Županc, Ph.D.

Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:35

Včasih je tudi mladost lahko ovira

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mojca-marsMojca Marš is a college dropout who hated her 9-5 job at an advertising agency, got fired, founded her own digital agency called Super Spicy Media and despite all the doubters did pretty well on her own.

She consults companies on the use of social media, email marketing and content marketing. She also prepares marketing strategies for companies who don't have the time or the knowledge to focus on that important aspect of business.

Pred enim letom je Mojca Marš izgubila delo na oglaševalski agenciji in začela samostojno pot. »V tem času sem doživela vse: od garanja do 4. ure zjutraj do obdobja, ko sem povsem izgubila motivacijo. Zdaj lahko rečem, da za uspeh ne potrebujem šefa, ki bi mi dajal delo in me nadziral. V enem letu se je namreč moja plača podvojila,« je zapisala na svojem blogu.

Velenjčanka, ki prebiva v Mariboru, je kariero pravzaprav začela že v srednji šoli, ko se je kalila v novinarstvu, med študijem pa je nadaljevala v oglaševalski agenciji. Fakultete – študirala je medijske komunikacije v Mariboru – ni dokončala, čeprav jo do diplome ločita le dva izpita. Pravi, da je v predavalnicah izgubljala čas. Znanje je raje črpala iz tuje, predvsem nove literature, ki jo je našla na spletu.

Hana-Čepová-199x300Kdo je Hana Čepová?

1969 narození – školka – škola – další škola – prádelna – sklad barev + vzv – mytí oken – první profi hosteska po revoluci – pco – a pak!!! 1996 první vlastní firma a od té doby velká jízda!

Who is Hana Cepova?

Born on 1969 kindergarten school another school laundry painting warehouse + forklift window cleaner first professional hostess after the revolution and THEN!!! 1996 first own company, and from then a great ride!

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