antoniadouΜέσα στον ανδροκρατούμενο κόσμο της επιστήμης, μία νέα Ελληνίδα κάνει τη θητεία της στο ερευνητικό κομμάτι της NASA, ασχολείται με την βιοτεχνολογία και φιλοδοξεί σύντομα οι μεταμοσχεύσεις να γίνονται με τεχνητά ανθρώπινα όργανα.

Eleni Antoniadou 27, is a Greek scientist and a women's rights activist, with degrees in multiple disciplines. She is also a co-founder in a start-up initiative entitled "Transplants Without Donors" a medical firm to popularize artificial organ transplantation with research, with the long-term vision of creating organs in the laboratory and transplanting them on sick patients in need. She has won several awards from many institutions

Published in Greek

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