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The Power of Mentoring

The 100Mirrors project of Erasmus+ to make new educational materials for the motivation of entrepreneurial women is conducted by 8 organisations. (2 universities, 2 network and advisory organisations of entrepreneurial women, 1 social entrepreneurs foundation, 3 support to work organisations). In 7 countries, Spain, Greece,The NL, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy.
Our communication language is English.

We now have produced 100 new stories in texts and videos of role models in our countries, so women and students could identify themselves and be motivated to set steps in their own career.

The next step of the project team is producing guidelines, lessons, tools and tips for teachers, lecturers and career consultants of Universities and Higher professional education institutes.

During our transnational meeting to coordinate all our efforts in Amsterdam, we took the chance to present and share our tools and insights on the power of mentoring with entrepreneurs, workers, teachers, students and career consultants.

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Chantal800President of Archa Chantal Foundation, an acress, chanson singer - Chantal Poullain will be mentor of 7th Equal Pay Day Czech Mentoring Day. Her invitation to the Saturday mentoring is inspiring.

Prezidentka Nadace Archa Chantal, herečka a také šanzoniérka Chantal Poullain, která bude mentorkou 7. ročníku akce Equal Pay Day – Ženy sobě nás zve na sobotní mentoring.

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Karolinou RisserDvě ženy. Dva příběhy. A pak jedno velké setkání, které oběma hodně dalo.

Lenka s Karolínou pracovaly v jedné společnosti. Znaly se od vidění. Pak se obě rozhodly změnit své směřování.

K jejich velkému překvapení se prostřednictvím akce Equal Pay Day, při které probíhá také speed mentoring, sešly - Lenka v roli mentorky a Karolína jako mentee, posluchačka u stolu Lenky. 

Přečtěte si, jak to přišlo, že spolu začaly po určité době spolupracovat.

Jejich příběh je velmi silný a inspirativní. Stejně jako mentoring.

Two women. Two stories. And one day they met - and this was a great meeting for both.

Lenka and Karolína were working in the same company, knowing each other. Then both have decided to change their career.

What a surprise they met during Equal Pay Day, where the speed mentoring is organized. Lenka was a mentor, and Karolína a mentee at Lenka's speed mentoring desk.

Read how their cooperation has happened.

It is a very powerful and inspiring story. So is mentoring.

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Mentoring Event: Amsterdam, 30 March 2016

 Experts on the power of mentoring

Tools for the power of mentoring

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