agricul italyThe growth rate of the Agriculture&Livestock sector, according to a recent analysis by Coldiretti,
is the highest youth employment.
Sara and Giulia Livoni, 27 and 21 years old, raise cattle in Trivignano Udinese (Friuli Venezia Giulia).

"E arth and animals have been part of our lives always . Driven by the love for nature we both decided to continue the family business .
Currently we breed in our company about 160 animals" .

"For us it is important to continue the tradition , but also bring the company a bit of freshness and innovation.
We are part of a very important project of the Consorzio Agrario Friuli Venezia Giulia that deals with food chains 100 % from Friuli" .

"Be innovative , basically , in this area , it means offering quality products on the market certified,
the most authentic symbol of Italian excellence ".

Source: http://d.repubblica.it

Published in Italian

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