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When you are a teacher/coach, you are always looking for new materials to inspire your students to enhance their entrepreneurial attitude. In this blog we give some reactions and tips of teachers/coaches in Higher Education and Universities.

Why use the stories in your classroom?

outofboxWe laughed out loud: The yearly report of Women to the Top in the Netherlands showed: an increase of a small 0,6% women in the board rooms, from 20,9 to 21,5%. The target of 30% still is far away.

ollandi2We met Dr. Elizabeth Stroble, President Webster University . She held a moving and inspiring keynote as guest of honour, during the 8 March event of the Women Business Initiative International in The Hague the Netherlands. [video]
In her keynote, Dr. Stroble reflects both personally and professionally, on this moment in which we as women find ourselves, to consider how best we can educate women as entrepreneurs. Through this education it is Dr Stroble’s goal that we will open the world to women, and women to the world.

Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:42

The Power of Mentoring

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The 100Mirrors project of Erasmus+ to make new educational materials for the motivation of entrepreneurial women is conducted by 8 organisations. (2 universities, 2 network and advisory organisations of entrepreneurial women, 1 social entrepreneurs foundation, 3 support to work organisations). In 7 countries, Spain, Greece,The NL, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy.
Our communication language is English.

We now have produced 100 new stories in texts and videos of role models in our countries, so women and students could identify themselves and be motivated to set steps in their own career.

The next step of the project team is producing guidelines, lessons, tools and tips for teachers, lecturers and career consultants of Universities and Higher professional education institutes.

During our transnational meeting to coordinate all our efforts in Amsterdam, we took the chance to present and share our tools and insights on the power of mentoring with entrepreneurs, workers, teachers, students and career consultants.

Friday, 04 March 2016 15:52

EU follow the example of Obama

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Do you agree with one of the Dutch role models Carmen Breeveld with her call to prime minsiter Mark Rutte to leave a mark on stimulating entrepreneurship in EU? She says we need more risk/venture capital funds to stimulate female entrepreneurs and youngsters with innovations. Follow the example of Obama she says. Sure he could, why not we?

Ben je het eens met het Carmen Breeveld? Zij roept Mark Rutte op, als voorzitter van Europa dit half jaar, om ondernemerschap hoger op de agenda te zetten. Zij zegt: volg het voorbeeld van Obama. Het lukte hem om fondsen met 1 miljard aan risicokapitaal gevuld te krijgen, om in te zetten voor ondernemerschap van vrouwen en jongeren met innovatieve plannen.


Friday, 19 February 2016 16:04

Money and Chances

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talkshowModerator Tanja Jadnanansing talks about Money and Chances with the Dutch role models Janice Deul and Zarayda Groenhart in a talkshow organised by Women inc. Video Dutch spoken and subtitled in 8 languages.

NL: Het filmpje gaat over Geld en Kansen. Moderator Tanja Jadnanansing praat met de rolmodellen Janice Deul en Zarayda Groenhart. Ze leggen uit hoe ze, na leuke loondienstverbanden, voor zich zelf zijn begonnen. Ze geven tips en inzichten over omgaan met geld en kansen pakken. Het is een klein onderdeel uit een talkshow georganiseerd door Women inc.

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