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Let's share LOL and creative actions for Women to the Top

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outofboxWe laughed out loud: The yearly report of Women to the Top in the Netherlands showed: an increase of a small 0,6% women in the board rooms, from 20,9 to 21,5%. The target of 30% still is far away.

Although: the government did better: 31% of the TOP are women.

So we still need men who are able to look outside their 'own type’.

And my be creative actions could help.

For instance:

these men connot get womenLOL: this website, was launched by the Dutch comedian Lubach: These men cannot get women.18 companies quoted on the stock exchange with only men in the board rooms, based on the Dutch Female Board Index 


They warn: there is only one way to get off this website: appoint a women quickly and send a mail to: I want off the website @ these men cannot get a woman...

Another creative initiative of promoting topwomen: Styliste Müfide Halaceli from Hengelo made in Amsterdam a female version of the Nachtwacht/ Nightwatch of Rembrandt.


female nachtwachtA video of the making of the female Nightwatch of Rembrandt 

Which creative initiatives do you have in your country to stimulate more women in the boardrooms? Let’s share them!

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