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The Power of Mentoring

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The 100Mirrors project of Erasmus+ to make new educational materials for the motivation of entrepreneurial women is conducted by 8 organisations. (2 universities, 2 network and advisory organisations of entrepreneurial women, 1 social entrepreneurs foundation, 3 support to work organisations). In 7 countries, Spain, Greece,The NL, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy.
Our communication language is English.

We now have produced 100 new stories in texts and videos of role models in our countries, so women and students could identify themselves and be motivated to set steps in their own career.

The next step of the project team is producing guidelines, lessons, tools and tips for teachers, lecturers and career consultants of Universities and Higher professional education institutes.

During our transnational meeting to coordinate all our efforts in Amsterdam, we took the chance to present and share our tools and insights on the power of mentoring with entrepreneurs, workers, teachers, students and career consultants.


We started, of course with presenting ourselves. 11 partners, 11 entrepreneurs, 11 un- and employed persons, amongst them 6 teachers and career consultants and advisors of Chamber
of Commerce and a Bank Director.

To set the atmosphere we showed our video The power of mentoring. (Eu member of parliament Madi Sharma and Dutch role models):  It is important to get ideas into action, know what you really want to do, to add value...to.... and take initiatives yourselves also for mentoring.

We experienced tools and techniques:

1. The tool Speed Mentoring of Lenka Šťastná Business and Professional Women, Czech Republic Prague. Groups discussions with a mentor tonight on 4 issues.

2. The tool Envelop method ™ of Marijke Krabbenbos Bites & Business

3. The ICT tool de Laura Linschoten Ondernemersbende (Entrepreneur’s gang) is busy to develop.

See the video Tools for the power of mentoring

Experts shared their experiences, visions and approaches: CEO of Alba Academy and author of 'Coaching as Profession' Ien van der Pol and chairwoman Noloc (Dutch Association of Career Consultants) and owner coachingsbureau Ester Leibrand and Commercial Director of Qredits,
micro finance fund in the Netherlands Roy Stip

Video Experts on the power of mentoring


  • Offering mentoring with a micro finace loan lead to great success in sustainability of the buisnesses.
  • A coach can help you, because you can be your own obstacle for reaching success.
  • A mentor can help you with relations, network and concrete actions. 

Our Tips for Mentoring English Tips for mentoring Dutch

And finally we got a great goodybag which was filled by our Dutch role models of the project and our experts.


At the end people thanked us all for an inspiring evening. We keep in touch!

Use our videos freely and please leave your reactions on this blog or at our facebookpage:


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