Manual Focus on Your Future

tipsYou, as educators, prepare your students with knowledge, insights and skills for the research market, governmental market, commercial, labour market and so on. Two main didactic questions occur:

How do you, as a teacher, lecturer or career counsellor, facilitate your students to incorporate the 21st century skills of flexibility, responsibility, pro-activity, creativity, sense making, social intelligence, cross cultural competences and entrepreneurial competences? Do you have enough means to emphasis and develop these more or less soft skills?

And especially do you have enough materials to emphasis your female students? Means where the (young) women could identify themselves with?

So you are looking for studies, cases, assignments, tools and identification means, to use in your lectures, activities and (e-learning) projects. You probably will find cases in newspapers, magazines or internet. But let’s be honest: most of these cases of successful people, where students could identify themselves with, are of (white) male.

Now you can use the biggest collection of female cases of women in entrepreneur and leadership.

In the project “100Mirrors Extended” we collected the biggest range to find on the internet of 200 cases of successful women in 10 European countries. We used the modern means of videos to let women tell their success stories (all subtitled in English) of where their initiatives and entrepreneurial attitudes brought them, their learning topics and tips to young women. And we added text portraits (translated in 8 languages). So you can find appropriate cases out of 200 small documentaries. But above all: let your students study them.

We asked a wide variety of women to share their experiences. Super top women in high above functions in hierarchy, entrepreneurs with a long history, where students can look up to. But also proactive women employed or self-employed with stories where students can relate to and recognise themselves in to the choices they are up to. All role-models like to inspire and motivate the new generation to “Taking your own steps by learning: it is possible!”

Aim: The collection contributes to your needs to add practical cases to the topics you want (or have) to teach about, when emphasis on and developing future skills. Studying practical cases leads to a more vivid learning environment, where students adapt giving knowledge, remember better because they are proactive and be able to use their empathy and put learning into practice. Female examples and cases could enrich your lessons and activities. Female students can identify themselves and it helps students setting their own (first) steps in the labour market and entrepreneurial world. Break the glass ceiling, jump off the sticky floor. Final conclusion: Today’s society needs female leaders.

You can download this PDF to your own computer, print or copy pages. You can follow the links at each case we present you with the discussion items on the specific learning topics and give you more didactic tips and references, concerning the topics.

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Find women portraits by teaching topic:

Your own Business Women in men’s world
Career development Work and Life Balance
Career Strategies How mentoring helps
Lead as a woman The power of networking


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