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WOLMAN Barbara

I set up TELEDEBOUT, WebTV with a slice of feminism for young people

About me




BACKGROUND: University

Web TV



My Background and Career

I got involved in the feminist movement from the age of 18. After studies at the Graduate School of Broadcasting, I worked as a video artist, webmaster and graphic designer.
I committed myself in « Telédebout : TV Stand Up » : an association to meet young people on their own ground : the video and internet … participating in a teleweb adventure, and adding to it an important ingredient : feminism. Video feminist association (association videaux), composed of videographers, computer scientists, designers, teachers, musicians, journalists, researchers, activists ...
The goal: To provide relevant and fun tools to foster exchanges leading to creative thoughts of courage for new initiatives. The videos are done in close collaboration with the ""actresses / ers' commitment / e / s on the ground: feminist course, but also teachers, trainers, researchers ...

Télédebout, feminism image for all ages
Our association has twenty volunteers and one part-time employee.

My Experience

I met so many women in the feminist movement and they are very helpful. And my studies librarian and film are very useful too. It's very difficult to find enough money to pay for everything, this project has more to do with militancy and I find it difficult to give it some economic viability. It is not easy for me to "sell" a benefit, especially when worn by a sense of social transformation, a response to a need for education.
Feminist models have inspired me. I built our association around writings, films on feminism. Various encounters with women activists  gave me confidence for the project


My Skills

Tenacity and networks are principal qualities you need to know how to develop. I have learned a lot by doing, and I know and use techniques required to perform quality work. I am seeking advice and make use of the experience of others.

Hints & Tips

Women can do whatever they want. It's up to them to decide. And everything is possible, whatever the age that we have.
We need solidarity in other to succeed, let's share our Knowledge, experience, our technical tools and help each other.



Περισσότερα σε αυτή την κατηγορία: « Jeandel Catherine BATUT COTTES Marie-Luce »

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