Małgorzata Sawicka

Founder Academy of Successful Women and social network

About me

NAME: Małgorzata Sawicka


CITY: Warsaw


BACKGROUND: University

ACTION/SECTOR: Law/Education

POSITION: Manager/Owner

ORGANIZATION: Academy of Women Success/ Akademia Kobiet Sukcesu

My Background and Career

Creating from scratch Academy of Women's Success - community of active women , enterprising, willing to grow and live their own potential. For over 3 years  I run my own business, in which together with Patricia Załug and a team of employees  we organise conferences, training, meetings, workshops, festivals, networking and personal development for women under the brand Academy of Women's Success , and interdisciplinary study of entrepreneurship for women and social networking site under the name “School of female Leaders”.


My Experience

Personal. Which ones?
the desire for personal growth, change your life for the better, striving for success, based on balance and harmony, for personal happiness and fulfillment.
Some factors of success are: Family, Education and training, character,personal relationships / acquaintances.

High emotional intelligence and empathy - to allow for a good sense of customer needs, establishing a good relationship in business, a good working atmosphere in the team

fear of failure and taking a risk, low confidence and low pricing of your services / your own work, Women creating a business often operate without the financial and marketing plan, and it’s hard for them to develop the business so that they can fairly make money on it.



My Skills

I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.
I easily adapt myself to changes.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I easily spread and transmit information.
I listen and I pay attention to other people problems.
I like partnership building.
Personal development through my job is important
The personal development of people working with me is important.
I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.
I am able to quickly make up my mind.
I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life).
And discipline and asertivnes.


Hints & Tips

"Live fullness" is the motto of Academy of Women's Success.


Did some thing give you inspiration for your project / action / enterprise?
Academy of Women's Success  is a continuation and expansion of something organised since 2006 in the SGH Week of Success Women. It was a weekly series of workshops, panel discussions, and meetings with interesting women - Polish women who have had considerable success.
The extraordinary popularity and success of the project was the stimulus to expand the project on a larger scale. In mid-2008 we began work on the first series of conferences held in the spring of 2009. Huge interest in and support of the participants assured us in the belief that it is worthwhile to develop this initiative further.
The main objective of Academy is to increase confidence and self-belief of all women who dream to start their own business, inspire them through meetings and workshops with interesting people, and to encourage to action and participation, we want to consistently and systematically promote women in development, zoom in and recommend valuable literature, build and integrate a community of women striving for self-development and self-realisation.

Suggestions and advice to give to women :
1st Do not be afraid to dream - create a specific vision of what you want for yourself
2nd Forge dreams into concrete goals and plan their implementation within the time
3rd Search for the support of benevolent people  that will help you find the strength and motivation to act
4th  Participate in female  meetings and workshops - will provide you the strength, faith and inspiration
5th Do not give up at the first failures - remember that success is not a one-time achievement, but the process by which you must make at least a few mistakes to learn how to run properly
6th Celebrate and appreciate your successes - both the large and the smallest - will enhance your confidence and sense of perpetration


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