Jeandel Catherine

Sciences Research Dir., Regional Councilor, Public Agency Chairwoman

About me

NAME: Jeandel Catherine



BACKGROUND: University / Ocean Researcher


POSITION: I am also engaged politically : I seat as Regional Councillor in Midi-Pyrenees and as chairwoman of a public agency for  innovation.


My Background and Career

I grew up in Brittany where I fell in love with the sea and then my family moved near Paris and I attended a prestigious scholarship University : L'Ecole Normale  Supérieure Sèvres-Ulm, where I completed a geology degree. I then worked as a physician and entered CNRS in 1983, I still work there as Director first classI have a career as a researcher in the field of sustainable development and I built up my career on leading important research on oceans and water. Since forever, I am very politically active in family planning in an association environment  I have been involved in a struggle to defend the public service research and also I seat as Regional Councillor in Midi-Pyrenees in 2010. In this regard, I am chairwoman of a public agency supporting and developing enterprises in their innovation missions. I also wrote a book on climate change "Climate short"

My Experience

Between 2000 and 2010, I devoted myself fully to my work and my children, my activism relaunching due to the fact of finding myself a widow. Wealthy in my life and well thanks to the French social system, I could reduce the maximum domestic task to dedicate myself to my children and my profession. I always wanted to study oceanography but this field was not "for women", As part of my studies, so I was motivated to achieve my thesis, a conflict with my teacher almost led to the abandonment and it is only by support staff that I did not pack it in. Fortunately, because I have the pleasure today to do a job on a theme, for me, is a passion since childhood. I have to cope with my shyness and lack of confidence. It has always been the others who have believed in me. As director of a research department, I work a lot. I work projects hard and to have a fund, it must get approved with a high score. I assure coordination of course researchers and programs while I am involved in this work.


My Skills

Skills to organizs research and manage a team, I learnt how to listen to people with an open mind while I was volunteering in Family Planning. I work hard and I never forget my goal.   

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: Zen… let go on small problems

Do what you want without letting the others influence you. Just stick to your work and work hard without bothering about financial or social factors: never give up.  Be Zen, learn to let go of things that are not important. If you wish to engage in public service, arm yourself with patience and dedication made.


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