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Blog - Women talk

Blog - Women talk

Τρίτη, 08 Νοεμβρίου 2016 12:56


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arandaThe project "En forma con tu bebé (Fitness with your baby)", arose from the very needs of its founder, Ana Aranda, an athlete, enterprising woman, and also a mother.

“En forma con tu bebé" is a sport activity for moms integrating baby trolley. One of the key features is that it is done outdoors in the park and so the baby's daily walk turns into a dynamic class for postpartum recovery. The aim is to prepare for a return to physical activity, running or another sport, but it is also for women who just want to be fit again. It also creates bonds with the baby and with other women.

Last year, when Ana was pregnant with her first child, she was thinking about her return to training and it was clear that she would need a time for recovery and maybe a specific preparation. She also had to reorganize her new life with a baby. Then, she remembered that in London she had seen a group of moms in a park exercising and pushing their trolleys up and down, side to side. She began searching on the web, and found a great movement in the United States, England, Australia ... but very little in Spain and nothing in Zaragoza. So she decided to create this activity that now is offered in Escuela del Corredor de Running Zaragoza.

She has started with great success and she is confident that word of mouth will help. In the first sessions in the park, it was fun how many people looked at them surprised, without knowing very well what they were doing, or even thinking that it was a television show...

There is more and more information about the benefits of sport during pregnancy and postpartum, and women are aware of it and doing sport everyday!

papaemanouilShe identified the gene that causes childhood leukemia

The geneticist biologist Elli Papaemmanouil lies behind the discovery of the relationship of the gene with blood cancer. As head of the research group, she discovered the gene that causes childhood leukemia. The conclusion of the research on myelodysplasia is that new, introspective jottings would facilitate the genetic screening mutation.

Η Ελλη Παπαεμμανουήλ, είναι η γενετίστρια – βιολόγος που βρίσκεται πίσω από την ανακάλυψη της σχέσης του γονιδίου με τον καρκίνο του αίματος. Ως επικεφαλής ερευνητικής ομάδας ανακάλυψε το γονίδιο που προκαλεί την παιδική λευχαιμία. Το συμπέρασμα της έρευνας για τη μυελοδυσπλασία δείχνει ότι νέες γενετικές ενδοσκοπήσεις θα διευκόλυναν τον προσυμπτωματικό έλεγχο μετάλλαξης.΄

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Samantha Cristoforetti

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Samantha Cristoforetti portrait 1She holds a degree in Engineering, but above all she is the first Italian astronaut who joined the European Space Agency. As a result of her 199 day long stay in space, she holds two records: one for the longest time a female astronaut has spent in space and another one for the the longest time a European astronaut has spent in space (199 days).

E’ un ingegnere, ma soprattutto è la prima astronauta italiana che ha fatto parte dell’Agenzia Spaziale Europea. Detiene il record europeo e il record femminile di permanenza nello spazio in un singolo volo (199 giorni).

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The famous Spanish Riding School at Vienna has its first female rider

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Hannah Zeitlhofer is the first female rider at this prestigious riding school.

Hannah Zeitlhofer ist die erste Bereiterin in der Geschichte der Spanischen Hofreitschule in Wien.

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Reactions about: how to use 100Mirrors cases in your classroom

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looking for

When you are a teacher/coach, you are always looking for new materials to inspire your students to enhance their entrepreneurial attitude. In this blog we give some reactions and tips of teachers/coaches in Higher Education and Universities.

Why use the stories in your classroom?

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Mateja UranjekPersonal stories of four successful business women, who succeeded in a world, where men usually win. The fast world of technology is getting more and more open to everyone who rely on their sixth sense, besides their mind.

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