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Blog - Women talk

Blog - Women talk

nasopoulouStudied piano and composition. 2002 was for postgraduate studies in composition at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Today, the composer and pianist Aspasia Nasopoulou not only excels in the country of tulips, but recently received the first prize and the audience in the International Competition Keuris composition prize for the "Lullaby project".


Με σπουδές στο πιάνο και τη σύνθεση, το 2002 βρέθηκε για μεταπτυχιακές σπουδές στη σύνθεση στο Ωδείο του Άμστερνταμ. Σήμερα, η συνθέτρια και πιανίστρια Ασπασία Νασοπούλου όχι μόνο διαπρέπει στη χώρα της τουλίπας αλλά πρόσφατα έλαβε το πρώτο βραβείο και το βραβείο κοινού στο Διεθνή Διαγωνισμό σύνθεσης Keuris για το έργο της "Νανούρισμα".

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An Interview with Sarayu Srinivasan, Founder & CEO of Kaargo

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Sarayu Srinivasan“I’d encourage women to be enormously courageous and bold. There’s nothing to fear. I would also encourage women to cultivate and work on being kind. And not just when it’s convenient, but daily and in tough situations.”

Sarayu Srinivasan is the Founder & CEO of Kaargo,an online consumer shipping and logistics marketplace. She is also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Prior to founding Kaargo, Sarayu was a venture capitalist, most recently with Intel Capital, investing in stage and sector agnostic technology businesses globally. Prior to her investing career, Sarayu held C-suite roles at several successful young software companies and began her career as a brand manager at Pepsi.

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Anny Tronco

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E’ una fashion designer e una creatrice di oggetti d’arte. Ma la sua attività non si limita all’arte e alla moda: Anny infatti si batte da anni per il riconoscimento dei diritti delle persone sorde. Per questo motivo ha creato un social network dedicato appunto alle persone sorde, come lei. E’ il sito, che offre tutte le opportunità di un social network: chat, messaggi, blog personali.

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First Austrian female president of High Court might become next Austrian president

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Will Austria get a first female President?

The first Austrian woman having ever worked as President of the Highest Austrian Court has good chances to become the next president of the Austrian Republic. The elections will take place on 24th April, 2016 and will be full of suspense!

pinotsiΗ Δωροθέα Πινότση είναι μεταδιδακτορική ερευνήτρια Τμήματος Χημικής Μηχανικής και Βιοτεχνολογίας του Πανεπιστημίου Κέμπριτζ.

Η έρευνά της εστιάζει στην ανάπτυξη τεχνικών που επιτρέπουν την απεικόνιση σε πραγματικό χρόνο των βιολογικών νανοδομών, κυρίως σε σχέση με τη νευροεκφύλιση του εγκεφάλου.


Unraveling the causes of Parkinson’s disease

Dorothea Pinotsi is a post doc researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biology in Cambridge University.

Her research focuses on the development of new techniques that allow us to depict the biological nanostructures in real time, mostly regarding the neurodegeneration of the brain.

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Educating Women as Entrepreneurs- Open the world for women and vv

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ollandi2We met Dr. Elizabeth Stroble, President Webster University . She held a moving and inspiring keynote as guest of honour, during the 8 March event of the Women Business Initiative International in The Hague the Netherlands. [video]
In her keynote, Dr. Stroble reflects both personally and professionally, on this moment in which we as women find ourselves, to consider how best we can educate women as entrepreneurs. Through this education it is Dr Stroble’s goal that we will open the world to women, and women to the world.

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