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PREMIOS 2016 PORTADALa séptima edición de la Convención ADEA sirvió de escenario para entregar los ya tradicionales Premios ADEA. Unos reconocimientos que vienen a dar visibilidad pública a la excepcional labor que desempeñan en el día a día aquellos responsables de empresas y entidades radicadas en Aragón.

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arandaThe project "En forma con tu bebé (Fitness with your baby)", arose from the very needs of its founder, Ana Aranda, an athlete, enterprising woman, and also a mother.

“En forma con tu bebé" is a sport activity for moms integrating baby trolley. One of the key features is that it is done outdoors in the park and so the baby's daily walk turns into a dynamic class for postpartum recovery. The aim is to prepare for a return to physical activity, running or another sport, but it is also for women who just want to be fit again. It also creates bonds with the baby and with other women.

Last year, when Ana was pregnant with her first child, she was thinking about her return to training and it was clear that she would need a time for recovery and maybe a specific preparation. She also had to reorganize her new life with a baby. Then, she remembered that in London she had seen a group of moms in a park exercising and pushing their trolleys up and down, side to side. She began searching on the web, and found a great movement in the United States, England, Australia ... but very little in Spain and nothing in Zaragoza. So she decided to create this activity that now is offered in Escuela del Corredor de Running Zaragoza.

She has started with great success and she is confident that word of mouth will help. In the first sessions in the park, it was fun how many people looked at them surprised, without knowing very well what they were doing, or even thinking that it was a television show...

There is more and more information about the benefits of sport during pregnancy and postpartum, and women are aware of it and doing sport everyday!

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An Interview with Johanna Mukoki, Group CEO, Travel with Flair


Johanna Mukoki

“Do not let your gender hold you back from being your best version of yourself”.

Johanna Mukoki is an accountant and B.Comm graduate from Rhodes University. She is the co-founder of Travel with Flair, a company she started 18 years ago with her two partners. She started with only 3 employees and one office in Pretoria. Currently her company employs 800 staff country wide and they have offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.
She is the first person from the African continent to sit on the Global Tourism Board (ACTE) – Association of Corporate Travel Executives where she represented the Middle East and Africa. ACTE has members in over 86 countries and the membership includes senior executives involved in the purchase and supply of travel with 200 billion Euros business travel spent from Fortune 500 companies.

Johanna has been blessed with many business accolades which include “Most Influential Woman in Business and Government in Tourism” and the Ernst & Young Emerging World Entrepreneur of the Year. Recently she has been awarded with a certificate for Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business – July 2014. She has also been awarded with an Exceptional Commitment Award from the ASATA Diners Club Awards.

She is also a board member of the Salvation Army and assists them with fundraising for their children shelters.

Learn more about Travel with Flair on their website and follow them on Twitter @TWFTravel


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La apuesta de Rosario Royo en ganadería ecologica

DSCN2778 bA bet on organic farming; in 2016 I decided to start my own company dedicated to the marketing of organic lamb meat; It is a pioneering activity because the organic market is very underdeveloped in Spain and therefore need to strengthen it.

He realizado estudios medios en Calamocha y luego trabajé como administrativo durante 20 años en diversas empresas del sector ganadero, hasta que la crisis me dejo sin empleo y estuve 6 años trabajando esporádicamente en distintos trabajos de corta duración.

En el año 2016 decidí montar mi propia empresa que se dedica a la comercialización de carne de cordero ecológico; es una actividad pionera porque el mercado de productos ecológicos está muy poco desarrollado en España y por lo tanto hace falta potenciarlo.

Sarayu Srinivasan“I’d encourage women to be enormously courageous and bold. There’s nothing to fear. I would also encourage women to cultivate and work on being kind. And not just when it’s convenient, but daily and in tough situations.”

Sarayu Srinivasan is the Founder & CEO of Kaargo,an online consumer shipping and logistics marketplace. She is also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Prior to founding Kaargo, Sarayu was a venture capitalist, most recently with Intel Capital, investing in stage and sector agnostic technology businesses globally. Prior to her investing career, Sarayu held C-suite roles at several successful young software companies and began her career as a brand manager at Pepsi.

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5 Maneras de Matar Tus Sueños

bel pesce

We all want to invent this revolutionary product, create a successful company, and write that bestselling book. And yet,very few actuallysucceed. Brazilian entrepreneur Isabel (Bel) Pesce Mattos demolishes five myths that we often easily believe but they are the guarantee that a dream will never come to fruition.
The video which explains those “5 ways to kill your dreams” is in English and subtitled in Spanish.

Todos queremos inventar ese producto revolucionario, crear esa compañía exitosa, escribir ese libro más vendido. Y sin embargo, muy pocos realmente lo logran.La emprendedora brasileña Isabel (Bel) Pesce Mattos derriba cinco mitos en los que solemos creer fácilmente pero que son la garantía de que un sueño nunca llegue a buen puerto.
El video donde explica esas 5 maneras de matar tus sueños está en inglés y subtitulado en español.

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Elena Gómez del Pozuelo ayuda a convertir tu idea en negocio rentable en internet

1354038900519Elena Gomez del PozuelodnElena Gomez helps turn ideas into profitable internet business! She is enterpreneur of digital business, is the president of Adigital (Spanish Association of Digital Economy), founder of BebeDeParis (first network of international franchises for baby gifts), Womenalia (a network of women entrepreneurs) and other digital business.

Elena Gómez, emprendedora de negocios digitales, es la presidenta de Adigital (Asociación Española de la Economía Digital), fundadora de BebeDeParis (primera red de franquicias internacional de regalos para bebés), Womenalia (la inversión de más éxito), Incipy, Inesdi, Increnta, Incube y un largo etcétera de start-ups. También es miembro del Comité Ejecutivo y de la Junta Directiva de CEOE y Presidenta de la Comisión de Protección de datos en CEOE (Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales).

PC170018 2My name is Rebecca Jordan and I am a young entrepreneur who moved from Valencia to a small town in the province of Teruel. There I started my own companyfor the production ofcraft beer

Mi nombre es Rebeca Jordán y soy una joven emprendedora que junto a mi marido decidí dar un giro a nuestra vida y trasladarnos, junto a nuestra hija, desde Valencia, a un pequeño pueblo de la provincia de Teruel llamado El Pobo de la Sierra.

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Ana Hernández Serena, socia fundadora de A\V ASESORES, A.I.E.

Ana Hernandez Serena

I am Founding Partner and Director of the Department of Consultancy and Advice for Self-Employment in A \ V ASESORES, specialized in foreign trade, tourism law and development of public and private entrepreneurial programs.

Socia Fundadora y Directora del Departamento de Consultoría y Asesoramiento para el Autoempleo en A\V ASESORES, un despacho especializado en comercio exterior, derecho turístico y desarrollo de programas públicos y privados de emprendimiento.

imagen valleValle García de Novales, Abogada y Socia fundadora en A\V ASESORES, A.I.E.

I am Founding Partner and Director of the Department of International Legal Department in A \ V ASESORES, specialized in foreign trade, tourism law and development of public and private entrepreneurial programs.
Soy Socia Fundadora y Directora del Departamento de Asesoría Jurídica Internacional en A\V ASESORES, un despacho especializado en comercio exterior, derecho turístico y desarrollo de programas públicos y privados de emprendimiento.

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