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Best Austrian entrepreneur 2016

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picture KohlerFelicitas Kohler is Austrians best entrepreneur of the year. She is the head of the enterprise „Planlicht” and runs her family business with more than 160 collaborators.

By the 1st January 2013 she has taken over the family enterprise from her father who also was the founder of the company. Until that date only one third of the production was exported. Since the passing on of the enterprise to the 34 old Felicitas Kohler the turnover and export could be doubled. She says that this was a necessary step in order to be active on more markets and in order to minimize the risk.
In Austria the company has different selling agencies and the way to success for Planlicht is the following: “We are planning and selling light”- but behind there is a lot of know-how.
The „handmade“ is very important for Mrs. Kohler even if this means that the costumer will pay more than in other companies. But everybody who is interested in light will also pay this higher price for higher quality.
Mrs. Kohler will continue this way of expansion and the price for her performances so far will surely help her….

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