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Kateřina Hofmannová: Práce s lidmi mě naplňuje

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12Kateřina Hofmannová has worked both in the business sphere as well as the government sphere, later as the manager and the team leader. In 2000-2005 she was responsible for the management of the ministry of healthcare bureau. She is recently the professional lecturer, soft-skills trainer and the coach. She has been in the field of the education and work with people for more than 10 years
She loves travelling, good books, good for and her family. She is interested in stories and working with people. It is the best for her. Her personal goal is to awake happiness, motivation, creativity in her clients, and ideally in everything they are doing.
Kateřina Hofmannová pracovala v oblasti soukromé sféry i státní správy na různých pozicích, později jako manažerka a vedoucí týmu. V letech 2000 - 2005 zodpovídala například za chod kanceláře ministra zdravotnictví. Nyní je profesionální lektorkou, trenérkou soft skills, koučkou. Oblasti vzdělávání a práci s lidmi se věnuje více než 10 let.
Miluje cestování, pěkné knížky, dobré jídlo a svoji rodinu. Zajímá se o příběhy a práci s lidmi. To je pro ni to nejlepší. Jejím osobním cílem je probudit v klientech radost, motivaci, kreativitu, a to ideálně ve všem co dělají.

Kateřina, can you tell us what are you in fact doing

I concentrate mainly onto the development of the social and personal skills of my clients. My domain is the field of communication, stress management and conflict management as well as the managerial skills, increasing of their personal performance and team coaching. I provide also the personal trainings. I have been coaching for more than 250 hours with my clients.
I work with corporate firms, government as well as small businesses. I also organize the open courses. I combinate the coaching, training and lecturing in my work. It is the complex package. Soft skills are required now. To bring the outcome of my courses into effect, I need to build on people, on their individuality, possibilities, experience, needs and wishes. We work with emotions, with empathy, solf-confidence, personal fences – we sometime build them and sometime break them  – but also with responsibility, the willingness to cooperate or to take decisions.

How you have ever got there?
The entrepreneurship got into my life during the second maternity leave. I have been the coordinator of education in the Union of employers and business. Later I became the lecturer. I liked that, and the demand was increasing. I had to make the choice and the brand Coach4You went to the light.

What do you like the most in it?
It will sound as the phrase but it is the proved way – just go and bring ideas into effect. Pay attention to what are people are asking the most frequently – offer it to them and improve yourself. To don’t get sleep with the first success. Nothing like “I will try if…when…”. Simply just go and get realized the idea, give it further. It will be successful – or not. If so, you won. In other case the idea, which will move you further will come, too. We always know, or at least we guess, in what we got stuck. It is just up to us to move forward. It is just up to us whether we will move or not. The fears are part of the entrepreneurship. We can’t avoid them. Every time there is some “but”. It depends just on the point of view – it is either CHALLENGE or BARRIER.

Should have you something to overcome? Did you face any barriers?
There's no shame in not knowing – and it applies for me, there were some barriers around, they come every time. It is just about how we face it. It may be both the challenge as well as barrier. I am lucky that I concentrate on the first variant. The challenge help us to grow, get rid of needlessness, go after the crucial.
For me the biggest challenge was the confidence. Being the self-employed is fine but the beginnings are usually tough, mainly in services where is quite difficult to measure the results.
The other thing was the attitude of people around me. It took a while they got my work makes sense, that I work really  and it brings results.
The third challenge – and the biggest one to me – is to balance the family and the business. You can’t avoid it. All women with family and their own business must manage it. I had to set up the fences, trying what fits both to my family and myself. At the end, I had to learn to book the times and days for my family or just for myself in my calendar. This is quite simple recipe and works. So great!

And your advice?
Should I give the advice it would be – if you have the idea, you are thrilled by trying something – don’t hesitate and make your best to at least try it. The most important is to start, all will tune-in gradually. No worries about changes. I am sure that everything has the solution. If the things aren’t going well immediately you can take the lesson and find the better solution. Just take the first step. Stop hesitating. It is valid not only in business but also in career and in the personal life. The hesitating is usually the biggest holdout.
And smile to yourself in the mirror every morning. You will tune nicely yourself and things will go more smooth.

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