Founder of Rhizobiòme, Cooperative for Collective Interest, our motto : Cooperate for Nature

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My Background and Career

After my literary studies and a Master of Geography, I worked for the Public Council in rural territories. I was quickly fed up by all the political aspect of the job: one had to cope with the mayors for every single decision to take. So, with my husband and a friend, we created a first cooperative where I acted as administrative assistant, discovering business management, accounting, issues of labour law ... and cooperative world. I also took advantage of my studies and my experience of geography territorial animation, ensuring, according to the work requirements, the functions of head of research. Then, it seemed important to create a second cooperative of new form in France (SCIC: Corporate Cooperative for Collective Interest), which combines in power: users, employees and public and private partners. When we thought about the creation of this new cooperative, and asking the question of who would direct, it seemed natural to my colleagues that I was the most qualified. This SCIC works in a social and environmental objective: information, education, advocacy of sustainable development and particularly of wetlands of our regions. Today we enter the sixth year of the CICS Rhizobiome, the cooperative is consolidated well enough financially, but is still fragile in its business model. It has 16 partners and an employee. I am also involved, in a small rural area, in the development of local associations and I am actress within the cooperative movement.

My Experience

My chances were to meet people who trusted me, who knew better than me what I can do. The meeting of the cooperative world, my involvement in the movement, has opened a lot of doors, while I had little knowledge of networking and business. A trait of my character helps me a lot. It is a requirement to understand. I am self taught in everything and administrative management, and instead of having to delegate to an accountant, I learned the skill. And while I have not compressed, I do not give the folder. One of the difficulties I found was most important to lead a cooperative nature protection while very largely, they are associations, the choice of different organization is difficult and must be solid in total communication for the funding partners have an open relationship. Family barriers are related to time management, nothing original question to any parent. But being your own boss solves a lot of problems because of the ability to articulate the lifetimes and those of the family business.


My Skills

I am very adaptable, and I love learning.My personal development, as well as the people I work with is important to me. Incase of conflict, I seek peace.

Hints & Tips

One can learn at any age, just believe in yourself. Never give up.
Just accept your limits, nobody is superwoman.
Always investigate and learn and stop thinking about what you have to do : just do it. Entrepreneurship whether in the economic sense or not, is a way to stand out, to control the course of one's life, not to be yoour only life but to decide the most part, share, do with others in all that is rich and difficult. It is the exercise of responsibility, with its share of anxiety but also its share of overfishing and discovery of self and others.And then everything becomes possible when we decide to undertake. Entrepreneurship allows the decompartmentalisation because it requires touching all aspects of the life of a project: its economic, social, organizational, societal, ...



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