De Almeida - Loubiere Elvire

Mutual Insurance Chairwoman, I’m implied in Social Solidarity Econom

About me

NAME: De Almeida - Loubiere Elvire



BACKGROUND: University



ORGANISATION: Mutualité Française 31

My Background and Career

I was born in Portugal and I grew up in France (we fled the dictatorship in Portugal when I was 12 years old). I attended high school in Toulouse and then went to university to study Social and Economic Administration. I entered my first job as a simple accountant and ended as the youngest and first woman director in a Mutuelle. I am an executive in a mutual health insurance. I promote this health protection system, competing with the traditional insurance system, and I am active in regional movements of the Social Solidarity Economy for its development. In addition to this senior position where I am employed, I am president of the departmental federation of mutual health centres, Mutuality French of Haute Garonne …..

My Experience

In addition to being an employee, my role in Mutuality French, is under the chair of Mutuality at departmental level. I am in charge of 450 employees, 48 care and support of 31 implantation sites, and I manages 20 Million Euros turnover.
Difficulties: being a young competitive woman in an organisation full of, and run by men older than me, They wouldn't take me seriously. I was supported by my chief manager and I also proved my abilities.
A woman must always prove more, people won't accept her weaknesses or failures, She must be perfect to convince man's world. Combine professional activity and activism is a daily challenge for the organisation to adopt and workload to accomplish


My Skills

Works a lot, with no holidays,
My duties and responsibilities as a manager come first in my life. I have the ability to learn and process new information, to adapt to change myself, I am attentive to others and to their advice. I like to set goals and achieve them.
Personal development, and that of my colleagues, through work, is important to me

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: if you believe in solidarity , you believe in mankind: you don't talk about it, you just do it.

Staying female and not looking to copy a man
Not seek profit for oneself but for the collective
Seek personal enrichment through commitment and action, not by money.
Have a goal - when you want you can


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